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  • B.I.E Watch!!
  • Pyramid of Giza Has Own Energy Source
    Archeologists in Egypt found that due to its shape the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy, such as radio waves, into its...
  • Phenomenal Minds of Africa's Future Leaders | Nkosana Mafico
    When you switch on your television and there is a segment on Africa, the images that you typically see are that of death, disease,...
  • Ama Mazama - Homeschooling Black Children
    Ama Mazama (aka Marie-Josée Cérol) is Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Programs of the Department of Africa American Studies at Temple University....
  • The Liberation MC: KRS ONE
    The Liberation MC Rocking the stage has always been in KRS's veins growing up on the NY streets.  Giving lessons as a lyrical genius with...
  • Involuntary Movement: United Airlines Crosses The Line
    The chief executive of United Airlines issued another apology on Tuesday amid a firestorm of criticism sparked by the forcible removal of a passenger...
  • Nick Cannon and NBC Fallout
    Nick Cannon standing up and breaking the mold.
    Understanding how true retirement is achieved. Knowing is half the battle to living a passive income lifestyle.
  • ALI Stand UP!
    Stand UP! Standing up in the face of tyranny.  A powerful speech that would make any grown man cry.  Standing together has become a theme...
  • Safety Pin Box: Cashing-In On White Guilt
    When organizers Marissa Johnson and Leslie Mac saw white people pinning safety pins to their lapels after the election, they thought it was stupid...
  • SOBM: Buy Black Market Place 12.17.16
    THE SHRINE OF THE BLACK MADONNA is the place for your cultural items for consumption for music, hygiene, food, apparel, business networking, etc.
  • SOBM: Buy Black Market Place 12.10.16
    HOUSTON UNITY TRIBE hosted the marketplace event with special guest appearance from Ashra Kwesi.
  • Black Girls RUN! Los Angeles, Carson Cuties
    Black girls run? Of course they do. In 2009, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks created Black Girls RUN! in an effort to tackle the...
  • Christopher C. Herring Interview- Black Business In Texas
    Robert Felder interviews Past President of the Alamo City Chamber of Commerce and new Chairman of the Board for the Texas Association of African-American...
  • The Truth About The Unknown: Part 1
    Ras Ben discusses the Ancestral Connection between UFOs, in terrestrials and extraterrestrials.
  • African Martial Arts
    This video describes the origins of Martial arts and gives a detailed look into healing techniques associated with cultivating the seven souls of Ra...
  • The Return of Our Ancestors
    During this video Bobby Hemmet discusses the importance of learning and understanding all information, whether True, False or absurd. When we pinpoint our...
  • Black Origins: Volume I
    "Black Origins: Asia" As indicated by the daily paper, an exploration group drove by Jin Li (of Fudan University in Shanghai has found that cutting...
  • Billie Holiday - The National Treasure
    Nicknamed "Lady Day" by her friend and musical partner Lester Young, Holiday had...
  • Holistic Health: Dr. Afrika
    Dr. Afrika an inside and out prominent Holistic master elucidates the method of reasoning behind what we are eating and how it is butchering...
  • Metaphysics Mix
    Quantum researchers have looked for the littlest building piece or substrate in the Universe for as far back as hundred or more years. The...
  • Know Your Rights: Moors Demonstrating Divine Law
    Learn how to protect yourself.
  • Are You Listening Now: Will Let them Tell IT!
    During this video, an American white male discusses civilizations as far back as the Egyptian empire. He uses a map to describe each...
  • Spoken Word Mix
    I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,...
  • Jazz Mix
    Jazz Mix
  • Soul Mix
  • Meditation 101: Breathing
    Dr. Alim El Bey discusses and demonstrates ancient breathing techniques to awaken the soul connection.
  • Why Do We Say Amen?
    During my time in church, I have always wondered "Why do we say Amen?" at the end of every prayer. I asked the...
  • Eugenics: The Science of Depleting a Race
    "The Black man has never been a competitor, but has always been subservient to the white race. And just so long as...
  • 360 Degrees: The Heavenly Science
    The 360 Degree Heavenly Science of the Cosmos, planets, stars. All cycles are based on the constellations of the heavens.
  • Black Gold - Esperanza Spalding
    Hold your head as high as you can High enough to see who you are, little man Life sometimes is cold and cruel Baby no one else...
  • Street Metaphysics 101
    Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity,...
  • The Benefits of Transcendental Meditation
    Interview with Russell Simmons in 2010 on the value and benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique.
  • Nas - Can't Stop Us Now
    From Willie Lynch to Willie Hutch Right on We Superfly Made Gucci this shit, Louie too Suits and ties
  • PSA: Womens Mental Health
    Let's talk about black women, suicide, depression, mental health, self-harm and mental illness. Abiola...
HOTEPMAG Interviews
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Buy Black Marketplace
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