Signs and Symbols: Chapter 1

The Original Law:

42 Laws of Goddess MaatEver wondered where the true nature of law was developed.  Within the Kemetic culture the principle was named “Maat” feminine goddess principle.  The ancients lived by and upheld principles regarding the following (Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Reciprocity, Obedience, Balance, Honesty)

According to the Black History Heroes, during the Heliopolis-era creation stories from the Kemet people report that in the beginning Atum emerged from the Isfet (chaos) of Nu (primordial waters). Atum created the god Shu (personification of air/cool dryness) and goddess Tefnut (personification of moisture) from Nu. Shu is depicted in the Kemet iconography as an ostrich feather.Under Kemet cosmology, Maat is designed to avert chaos (Isfet) and maintain truth (Maat). The symbol for truth, justice, balance, and order is the Goddess Maat. The iconography for Maat in the hieroglyphs depict the single ostrich feather (Shu), worn atop Goddess Maat’s head.

During the reign of Pharaoh Menes, around 2925 B.C.E., after the unification of upper and lower Kemet, archaeological finds evidence administration of the 42 Laws of Maat among theKemet people as deduced from Kemet coffin texts or funerary papyri dating from this period.


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