Political Football: “Understand the Game”

Every Sunday during football season America sits and watches as two teams battle to win. Tossing a pigskin brown ball back and forth through the air to score a touchdown.  This game resembles America’s political race for power between the Democrats and Republicans, while the Independent working class gets pushed to the side.

Democrats and Republicans toy with the public’s future every election with promises to create a better future but in the end the loser in the game are the people.  Just like the football is tossed by each team the owners, investors, lobbyist and upper echelon, who choreograph the title match have already fixed the winner.  The only ones who are not in the know are the people watching for entertainment.

Click the link below to get a better understanding on political terms true meanings:


This year and going forward vote for the people. Choose the people (Independent = working class)



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