“Let’s Jump in the Pool”

The Benefits of Pooling the Black Dollar $$:

We as a people have been missing out on the economic opportunities to unite our wealth for many decades.  Blacks are the only race that lack the economic unity due to our lack of knowledge and division.  According to the black enterprise’s article, “African American’s Buying Power” written by C. Daniel Baker, he states that by 2015 blacks are projected to reach $1.1 trillion dollars.  Our ghettos, projects and slums are attributed mostly to our division.  We have watched other ethnicity’s enter into our neighborhoods, build sustainable businesses and at the end of the day – they take the black dollar home to build their own communities, while our community suffers.


We need to take back our communities and neighborhoods by pooling our wealth together. 


By pooling our wealth we can create jobs for our people within the community, create our own schools, clean up our streets and provide a positive future for our youth.

Join our “Business Directory” and lets jump in the pool together.

Collaboration + Creation = Unification


Additional Reading: Black Enterprise Online



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