Grants for College: Men

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Grants are monies dispersed by the government to assist students with their financial adventures in college without having to pay a dime back. African-American men are eligible to receive grants and scholarships to assist them in attaining college educations. Another way for African-American men to receive funding comes through fellowships, which are usually tied to grant money.





  • Grants such as those from the Jackie Robinson Foundation allow African-American men to attend college. In addition to assisting with college costs, the grant also sponsors a four-day weekend seminar. The seminar is designed to provide networking opportunities for the grantees. The program is based upon the humanitarian ideals championed by baseball player Jackie Robinson and his wife, Rachel.


  • Some grants provide money for programs designed to help African-American males. The University of Georgia has a grant program called the African American Male Initiative (AAMI). The AAMI provides grant money for submitted proposals designed to increase African-American enrollment in colleges and universities.


  • Some grants fund fellowships for college graduates going on to do postdoctoral work in different fields. The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services assists in advanced training for psychologists focusing on policy development for minority populations. A sponsor submits the grantee’s application to the American Psychological Association, which is the group distributing the grant funding.


  • Some grants come with stipulations attached to the application process. For example, the state of Wisconsin has a minority retention grant program, designed to help African-American students (as well as students from other minorities) complete their college education. One of the requirements of the grant for African American males is mandatory registration with Selective Service. The grant recipient receives a monthly budget, based upon the education program the student studies, as well as financial assistance coming from other sources.

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