Meditation 101

Meditation: Basics

According to the Metu Neter (Divine language from the Creator, “logos” or most commonly known as “Mother Nature”)  Meditation is the science of manipulating our focus of consciousness (the will).  Through meditation we are able to internalize it or externalize it at will, and focus it and un focus (relax) it at will.  Rituals deal with the science of manipulating Ra (the life force), or what some may call the subconscious, id.


Tension diaphragmatic breathing is the key to concentrating the attention and summoning strength; spiritual, mental or physical.  The essence of this form of breathing is in the handling of the outbreath.  Just before we breathe out, the lower abdomen must be in a state of expansion (a mild pot belly).  As we breathe out, we pull in the abdomen, without releasing the tension.  The result is a restrained exhalation in which the lower abdomen is contracted.

-By Ra Un Amen Nefer


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