• iiiYansa J. Muse posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    Here is how to decode what you see on my article headers. At the top, HOTEP is written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and the largest planetary symbol is the planet that rules the day in which the article was written. To the right of HOTEP is the retrograde symbol, and underneath it shows the planets that are in retrograde. Underneath the date the article was written, the symbol of the zodiac season appears next to the moon cycle, and its zodiac house…In the center is the topic of the article, and underneath the same titles are written in hieroglyph.To the far right are archive images of my original bottle art, archives (paintings already sold) in Egyptian theme….I was so inspired by the concept of “HOTEP,” my Egyptian creative energies took over! Ase!


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