Facebook: When they Pull The Plug!!

Just like any car whether old or new, they break down! The hood goes up on all alike.  Well, Facebook is a luxury car with all the gadgets, bells and whistles; however, it does not posses a genuine nature for the user when it comes to transparency.  According, to Abcnews, “Internal Facebook documents released by a U.K. parliamentary committee offer the clearest evidence yet that the social network has used its enormous trove of user data as a competitive weapon, often in ways designed to keep its users in the dark.”

Furthermore, the social media giant operates evasively in other documents, as company executives discussed how they were keeping the company’s collection and exploitation of user data from its users. That included quietly collecting the call records and text messages of users of phones that run on Google’s Android operating system without asking their permission.

Our people always seem to place hope in “other’s” hands who have do not hold our best interest.  We have seen the blatant disregard for people’s privacy by acting as a medium for other agencies spy operations.  So what happens when “THEY” shut it down completely and all of your connections are gone.


Well family, our vision is for “US” to have our own platform without all of the unexpected third party interest and interference due to the following but not including: snitching to spy agencies, commercial levying of data, information fabricating, etc. We have created a platform for our culture to thrive as one and vibe as one.  Let’s band together and back a vision that represents what “WE” are as opposed to what “THEY” want everyone else to believe.


Peace and Love



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